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Traveling Hillbilly's Top 10 Travel Experiences
1.  Biking through Croatia
2.  Walking along the Great Wall in China
3.  Running a lap around the original Olympic stadium
     in Athens, Greece
4.  Staying at The Grand Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
5.  Hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
6.  Doing a zip line in Maui, Hawaii with Mom
7.  Watching my first sunset in Hawaii
8.  Eating delicious steaks and drinking fabulous
     Malbec's in Buenos Aires
9.  Getting "stuck" in Paris for 9 days
10.Canyoning in New Zealand

Traveling Hillbilly Travel Tips

When Booking Travel

1)  Sites like Travelocity and Orbitz are great starting points when planning a trip.  They are a  great source for comparing rates for air, car and hotel.

2) If you're flexible on your travel dates, say so.  Most websites offer a flexible date option when searching fares.  Often times the fare just a day or two before or after your planned dates can result in hundreds of dollars in savings!

3)  Always check the hotel, airline and car rentals websites before booking.  Many offer "internet only" rates for booking on-line and book directly with them.

4)  Join the clubs.  Sign up for frequent flyer/guest programs.  If you travel a lot those reward points can add up quicker than you think.

5)  Don't think you can afford a big trip abroad?  Think again!  Traveling can be a lot less expensive than you think, especially if you go some place where the dollar is strong.   The dollar still goes far in places like South America and many parts of Asia.

Practical Tips (things most people won't tell you)

6)  Always carry tissues with you.   Public restrooms in some countries are not well equipped.

7)  Don't plan everything out before you leave.  Allow yourself time to explore and do the unexpected. 

8) Thai massage requires clothing.  Be prepared to be up close and
personal with your masseuse.

9)  Travel by yourself.  While there are some countries you may not want to travel in alone, there's nothing like traveling alone.  It's a completely different experience.  You'll meet new and interesting people and you'll be amazed what you learn about yourself.  Just do it and you'll see.

10)  Expect things to go wrong.   Everything will not always go as planned.  You'll wind up at the wrong train station, your flight will be delayed/canceled, there will be a strike or demonstration.  Just go with the flow, don't let it ruin your trip.  Let it add to your adventure and make a great story when you get home.  When you wind up doing something completely unexpected you'll find it usually turns out great!

Final Thoughts on Peru & Chile

The people truly know how to live life!
There's something for everyone; adventure, fine dining, wine tasting, nightlife, luxury or roughing it.

Must Dos
Machu Picchu

Final Thoughts on Croatia

The most beautiful place the Traveling Hillbilly has ever visited.  The scenery is simply breathtaking. 

The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. 

Would be a great place to go sailing. 

A seafood lovers paradise.

Must Dos
Platvice Lakes
Bike through the countryside on at least one of the islands

Final Thoughts on Australia

The people are amazingly friendly.  I guess living in such a beautiful place, makes for happier and friendlier folk.

Offers Traveling Hillbilly's ideal vacation - outdoor adventures by day, 5 star accommodations by night

Not a country you can explore in just a week or two. It's very large and spread out.  If you have limited time, stick to one or two regions.

Must Dos
Brisbane - great city.  The Traveling Hillbilly could live there

Get out of the cities and see the countryside.  A great side trip from Sydney is Jervis Bay.  A beautiful and peaceful place.  It's a wonderful, scenic drive just a couple hours south of Sydney.   Great place for whale watching through November.

Sydney - fabulous city.  So much to see and do
Tour the Opera House
Walk across the Harbour Bridge
Have a drink at the top of the tower
Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley
Take a ferry ride

Final Thoughts on New Zealand
A great place for the outdoor daredevil!

Must Dos
Canyoning - offers an amazing thrill - highly recommend  Canyonz

Auckland  easy to get around, a lot to offer, great coffee houses, great bars 

Take a ferry to Waiheke Island - offers great wine tasting, beautiful beaches and amazing scenery

Take a train ride so you can get out and see the countryside -
Tongariro National Park makes a great side trip from Auckland.  Very scenic train ride, amazing hiking, skiing in the winter

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